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Praise for Streit Consulting and Advocacy


"We came to Chrissy after our first attempt at navigating the IEP process for our child.  During the first round, we simply didn’t know what an IEP could do, what we could reasonably ask for, and didn’t know what the best practices for our child’s needs were.  And there is just something about looking at bureaucratic documents that can feel intimidating and alienating. Despite asking lots of questions, reading and re-reading the draft IEP, and having it reviewed by our child’s care team, we never quite felt sure-footed in the process, nor confident that we’d come up with a plan that would result in a substantively improved school experience for our child.

After a few months it became clear to us that our IEP was not serving our child’s needs well.  We reached out to Chrissy for guidance, and it made a universe of difference. What she has to offer is completely different from what our school IEP coordinator or our child’s psychologist could provide.  Having been on every side of the IEP She so clearly understood the process of developing  and implementing an IEP, and she knew the power of a good IEP.  She could answer all our questions, and that was great, but even better, she knew the answers to questions we had absolutely no idea we should be asking.  It was like she pulled back a curtain and behind it was a whole host of tools and possibilities we hadn’t imagined. Suddenly the process didn’t feel intimidating or alienating, but quite the opposite – it felt empowering.  And she was so kind to boot!


IEP round two was a much better process.  We felt good about it, our school thought Chrissy’s recommendations were great, and within a week of signing the updated IEP it was clear our child was getting her needs met in a way that she was totally comfortable with and that were clearly beneficial." 

-Garrett & Annie

“Navigating the complicated and often intimidating road of mandated accommodations for your child’s learning challenges is nearly impossible without having a seasoned and knowledgeable professional like Chrissy Streit. We honestly don’t know how we could have done it without Chrissy’s help. Aside from her professionalism, Chrissy is an even keeled and lovely person who makes both parents and the child feel at home and comfortable throughout the process. We cannot stress how amazing and helpful Chrissy’s service was and will continue to be for us as Remi finishes her last two years of high school.”

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